アイネクライネ // 米津玄師

@michan39: ちょっと空き時間ぶらぶら〜
Michan: I’m wandering around a bit in my spare time~

@michan39: 暑い( ゚д゚)
Michan: It’s hot ( ゚д゚)

@michan39: 一人メイド喫茶も致し方ないレベルに熱いしトイレいきたい
Michan: It’s so hot and I need to go to the bathroom so bad that I can’t help going to a maid cafe by myself

@michan39: しかし恥ずかしくてなかなか入れない
Michan: But I’m too shy to go inside

@michan39: この街はメイド喫茶しか落ち着ける場所がない気がする( ゚д゚)
Michan: I have a feeling that a maid cafe is the only place I could feel calm on this street

@michan39: とりあえず一人萌え萌えキュンした
Michan: First of all, my chest tightened up over their cuteness by myself

@michan39: メイドさんが台湾の子やった( ゚д゚)
Michan: The maid was a Taiwanese girl ( ゚д゚)

@michan39: しかし入ってみたもののトイレ借りにくいこの雰囲気
Michan: But even though I went inside, it’s hard to go to their bathroom with this atmosphere

@michan39: とりあえずチョコとじゅーちゅで涼む
Michan: For now I’m cooling off with chocolate and juice

@michan39: 前田敦子さんに結構似てるメイドさんがいる。しかし名前はゆうこさん。大島ゆうこさん推しらしい。
Michan: There’s a maid who looks quite like Maeda Atsuko-san. But her name is Yuuko-san. It seems like she’s a fan of Ooshima Yuuko-san.

@michan39: 台湾の子みーちゃんしってたΘωΘばりた
Michan: The Taiwanese girl knew Michan ΘωΘ I was found out

@michan39: 一人のんびり
Michan: I’m relaxing by myself

@michan39: ΘωΘ〜トイレいきたい
Michan: ΘωΘ~ I need to go to the bathroom

@michan39: 行こう。勇気をだして
Michan: I’m going to go. I’m going to be brave

@michan39: 大学生的イケメンさんとか普通にいるなー( ゚д゚)
Michan: There are good-looking university student age guys here just as normal ( ゚д゚)

@michan39: 携帯でドラクエかTwitterしかしてないやΘωΘ。そろそろまた探検しにいこうかしら
Michan: All I’ve been doing is play Dragon Quest and use Twitter on my phone ΘωΘ. I think I’ll go on another expedition before long.

@michan39: 電気屋さんとかかぬ〜( ゚д゚)
Michan: Maybe an electronics store~ ( ゚д゚)

@michan39: そして7-5の入稿へ٩( ΘωΘ)وれっつごー!
Michan: And now to go send in 7-5 to the press ٩( ΘωΘ)و Let’s go!

@michan39: 秋葉原は入稿時期の年に2回しかこないからいつも新鮮だ(u_u)
Michan: I only come to Akihabara twice a year when it’s time to send in material to the press, so it’s always fresh (u_u)

@michan39: 男のマッスルチェックをしながら歩く癖がついてしもうた…
Michan: I’ve gotten into the habit of checking guys muscles as I walk…

@michan39: 何みてんだよ!?って万が一絡まれたら、いやー良いマッスルでついつい…って言えば大丈夫な気がする
Michan: In the worst case, if someone picks a fight saying, “What are you looking at!?” I have a feeling it would be okay if I said, “No, I didn’t mean to stare, you just have nice muscles…”


@michan39: だんっ http://t.co/4JInHc6DfQ
Michan: Bam

@michan39: だだんっ http://t.co/JRCQXHRzKz
Michan: Ba-bam

@michan39: だだだんっ http://t.co/rSOplP138T
Michan: Ba-ba-bam

@michan39: だんだーん!!!! http://t.co/KfaRVW7FM5
Michan: Bam baaam!!!!

@Da1SuKE_: ゆるキャラ発見。 http://t.co/0YPMMYwINf
Daisuke: We found a mascot character.

@Da1SuKE_: ゆるキャラ発見。 http://t.co/0YPMMYwINf
Daisuke: We found a mascot character.

Hello! How are you? I've been admired you for a quite long time but this is the first time I make a request~ Could you record this show for me? lv185601682 It isn't quite related to nico but I missed the TS! Thank you very much

Hi there, I’m doing well, thank you! Here is the recording

hey clock! i was wondering if you'll record michan's nama for rabbit square, pls? thanks in advance!

Hello :) Here is the recording

Q Ai DANCIN’ Flash and Be Ambitious

Lyrics Translations and Romaji

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ChronoStage vol.02 ~Chase the Promise!!~

Continuing from last year’s ~Search for Constantine!~ ArsMagna will have a second play, ~Chase the Promise!!~, this time featuring Guilty Hearts’ Melochin, Ry☆, and Miume, along with ANDY and NaGi! The play will be held November 21st through 24th, 2014, at Mt.RAINIER HALL SHIBUYA PLEASURE PLEASURE.
I wonder if they will create a DVD again this time…!


Michan’s Summer Days Picking Up Girls Fantasy on Nicoradi 7/16/2014

Michan: What should I do… *hit!*
Dasoku: *hit!* *laugh*
Michan: *hit!* *hit!*
Yamada: What is that? What is he doing? He’s playing beach volleyball?
Michan: Whoa, whoa! *crash* I’m sorry.
Yamada: The ball went away and he bumped into her.
Michan: What should I do… I’m sorry, are you okay?
Yamada: Ah, I see.
Michan: Ahhh! Oh no! Wait a second, wait a second.
Kettaro: There it is. Michan’s signature move, “Wait a second.” There it is, there it is.
Dasoku: “Wait a second, let me try one more time.”
Kettaro: He thinks he can get another try on anything.
Michan: I’m not going to try again, I’m not going to try again.
Dasoku: You’re not?
Michan: Ah, I’m sorry. Did that hurt? Ah, you’re injured!
Kettaro: You bumped into her really hard! She’s hurt!
Dasoku: Go to the hospital.
Michan: I bumped into you like this just now, huh?
Yamada: She must have broken a bone like Neymar.
Michan: I want to treat your injury, so let’s go over there together… May I be done?

Hello Clock-san! I'm always grateful for your translations and hard work :D Do you know any info about J's group WEBER? Did you post any info about it that I might have missed.. There's a short version of their PV up on their official channel but I don't think it says anywhere that the full version will be released.. Thanks for any help ^^;

Thank you very much!!! I am grateful that you read them!♡
Let’s see…

Official site
Page on Plan Chime site
They have a mobile fanclub that just opened recently. The QR code can be found on their website.

J (Yada Yuuki) (dancer, leader) - 9/11/91, currently 22
Taka. (Sakurai Takateru) (vocals) - 10/8/93, 20
Show (Sugamata Sho) (vocals) - 10/5/93, 20
Hayato (Oomori Hayato) (vocals) -  8/10/93, 20
little Skeet (Hamaguchi Shuutarou) (dancer) - 3/16/94 20

I haven’t posted much about them, but you can check the tags WEBER and J. ^^ If there’s anything in particular you are curious about that I might be able to find out, please ask away~

I don’t know of any plans to upload a full version. They sell a CD with the full audio (no video) and an instrumental version of “Beat the Black,” but I don’t think it can currently be ordered online.

It looks like the video on YouTube was taken down, but they performed “Beat the Black” and other songs at CosMen Festival 8/24/13. I have the recording of the full show here.